Dog Price in the US: (150+) Breeds Price And Guide

Dog Price in the US: (150+) Breeds Price And Guide

I have led the most broad exploration on Dog price in the US at any point made. Over a couple of months, my group and I have evaluated more than 48,000 Dog promotions from different sources, including the American Kennel Club, PuppyFind, NextDayPets, and reproducers sites. This article presents the consequences of this work to build up the Dog price Of 151 types of breeds.

By and large, a little dog will cost $1,300 in the US. Some can be found as low as $50 and others as high as $85,000, however when all is said in done, 80% of pups fall in the $500 to $2,500 territory. Reception is a lot less expensive and for the most part costs $50 to $500.

This article will share our findings regarding Dog price and a few tips to find a cheaper puppy from a reliable breeder. We have only considered dogs up to 6 months old and exclusively bred in the US.

Dog Average and median cost

As mentioned, the average Dog price almost 50,000 reviewed was $1,300. It seems like a reasonable amount as I was expecting something between $1,000 and $1,500.

An intriguing actuality is that the middle expense is $1,000. It implies that there were as numerous young Dog price available to be purchased under $1,000 that there were more than $1,000. It bodes well since there are a lot more unregistered reproducers selling less expensive doggies than enlisted ones. Tragically, it’s additionally very notable that numerous eager terrace raisers and pup plants are working in the US, selling actually or intellectually undesirable canines now and again for a minimal expense.

Indeed, as indicated by the Humane Society, there are more than 10,000 pup factories in the US. This is one explanation purchasers ought to be careful about where they purchase or (less significantly) embrace their canine.

The other explanation clarifying the distinction between the normal and middle is that a few pups are pricey. We discovered right around 500 promotions for little Dog price more than $5,000. These doggies were basically only sold by AKC enrolled raisers and were thoroughbred show quality canines from a lofty bloodline.

Dog Price range

To find out about the genuine expense individuals ought to hope to pay when purchasing a doggy, we have set up an expense range barring 10% of the least expensive pups and 10% of the most costly ones.

We tracked down that 80% of the advertisements investigated were somewhere in the range of $500 and $2,500. As portrayed later in this article, this reach shifts a ton relying upon the variety.

For instance, 80% of French Bulldogs were evaluated somewhere Dog price in the range of $1,800 and $4,500 (from more than 3,000 advertisements), while 80% of Labrador Retrievers were in the $400 to $1,500 territory (from more than 3,000 promotions too).

Some uncommon varieties will in general be pricey in light of the fact that little dogs are difficult to come by. By and large, the solitary alternative is to put your name standing by at an enlisted reproducer and desire to get a little dog when the following litter is prepared.

Inside a similar variety, there can likewise be a critical value contrast between little dogs. Numerous components can clarify this:

Thoroughbreds are more costly than blended varieties (aside from a couple of architect breeds like Goldendoodles or Cockapoos, for instance).

A show-quality pup coming from a lofty bloodline might actually be multiple times more costly than the normal canine from a similar variety. For instance, we have discovered three Yorkshire Terriers recorded at $20,000, $80,000, and $85,000 when the normal Yorkie Dog price is around $1,200.

The little dog’s jacket tone and markings will likewise affect the cost, contingent upon their fame.

A few Dog prices that a reproducer can settle will likewise reflect in the value: wellbeing screening and other clinical expenses, microprocessor, preparing and socialization, enlistment papers.

A few varieties are extremely famous in certain spaces and less in others. The selling cost will mirror that.

Age is additionally a factor. A doggy somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 months old will be 4% more affordable than an infant to 2-month old pup all things considered. What’s more, a pup somewhere in the range of 4 and a half years old will be 8% less expensive by and large. Then again, purchasing an unborn little dog from a coming litter (generally from enlisted raisers) is probably going to cost 28% more!

Little Dog price for 151 varieties in the US

Kindly discover the pup value data for more than 150 varieties in the table underneath. The value range addresses 80% of the promotions found. The promotions segment shows the number of doggies of each breed found during our exploration.

Purchasing a little Dog price is just a hint of something larger with regards to costs. To find out about the genuine expense of raising a canine, check our varieties page, and discover more data about different expenses related with possessing your #1 variety (supplies, food, preparing, preparing, clinical, and so on)

Dog Price Chart

(Breed) Dogs
 (Standard Price)(Cost Range)(Ad’s)
Afghan Hound dog$2250 $2000-250017
Airedale Terrier dog$850 $500-150078
Akita dog$1000 $600-1980273
Alaskan Malamute dog$975 $500-2500207
American Eskimo$1000 $700-150043
American Hairless Terrier dog$1500 $1125-19006
American Staffordshire Terrier dog$750 $250-150043
Anatolian Shepherd$900 $500-200056
Australian Cattle$450 $250-1200300
Australian Shepherd$800 $400-15001740
Australian Terrier dog$1500 $1440-160010
Basenji dog$1400 $1250-200019
Basset Hound dog$800 $450-1400393
Beagle dog$550 $295-1125528
Black Long Haired German Shepherd$1300 $850-26006
Beauceron dog$1350 $920-18504
Belgian Malinois dog$1000 $595-2000176
Belgian Sheepdog dog$1800 $1200-250014
Belgian Tervuren dog$1700 $1500-200029
Bernese Mountain$1200 $675-1995302
Bichon Frisedog$920 $600-1700160
Black and Tan Coonhound dog$550 $250-80024
Black Russian Terrier dog$2000 $1000-25008
Bloodhound dog$750 $450-1200187
Bluetick Coonhound dog$600 $300-120040
Boerboel dog$2000 $1200-250041
Border Collie dog$700 $300-1000513
Border Terrier dog$1900 $1450-200013
Borzoi dog$1900 $1800-200010
Boston Terrier dog$850 $550-1400897
Bouvier des Flandres dog$1800 $1500-250016
Boxer dog$900 $500-15001041
Boykin Spaniel dog$1050 $750-150027
Briard$2150 $2000-23006
Brittany dog$750 $500-1060275
Brussels Griffon$2300 $1500-400049
Bull Terrier$1500 $815-200094
Bullmastiff dog$1500 $1000-2200131
Cairn Terrier$950 $725-145076
Cane Corso Italiano$1500 $700-2500332
Cardigan Welsh Corgi$1300 $800-175063
Cavalier King Charles$1500 $800-2500790
Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog$1000 $550-120068
Chihuahua$800 $375-2420899
Chinese Crested$1100 $600-250039
Chinese Shar-Pei dog$1000 $750-1800141
Chow Chow$2250 $850-380032
Clumber Spaniel$1500 $800-24005
Cockapoo$2000 $1310-3460223
Cocker Spaniel dog$800 $500-1500600
Collie$800 $375-1450288
Coton de Tulear$1800 $1400-300034
Dachshunddog$850 $450-1500593
Dalmatian$800 $450-1200256
Doberman Pinscher$1000 $500-2250536
Dogue de Bordeaux dog$1500 $900-275081
English Bulldog$2500 $1500-45001573
English Cocker Spaniel$1000 $800-160033
English Setter dog$800 $600-140030
English Springer Spaniel$850 $600-1200449
English Toy Spaniel$2500 $2000-30007
Flat-Coated Retriever$2000 $1500-25007
French Bulldog dog$2800 $1800-45003716
German Pinscher$2800 $2000-355010
German Shepherd$800 $450-19002349
German Shorthaired Pointer dog$800 $500-1000663
German Long haired Pointer $800 $600-94522
Giant Schnauzer$2500 $1200-350032
Golden Retriever dog$1000 $700-20001934
Goldendoodle$2000 $1200-32001890
Gordon Setter$1400 $800-22008
Great Dane dog$1000 $500-18001445
Great Pyrenees$550 $290-1000267
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog$2500 $1000-300035
Havanese dog$1100 $650-1800514
Icelandic Sheepdog$2250 $2000-25004
Irish Setter$1200 $700-250031
Irish Terrier dog$2100 $900-35004
Irish Wolfhound$2000 $1400-250033
Italian Greyhound$1600 $1200-300034
Jack Russell Terrier$1000 $500-150080
Japanese Chin dog$1650 $1200-200038
Keeshond$1500 $800-180022
Kerry Blue Terrier$2000 $1200-25007
Labradoodle dog$1550 $900-2800775
Labrador Retriever$800 $400-15003160
Leonberger dog$2400 $1700-325016
Lhasa Apso$950 $550-1240127
Maltese$1200 $600-2340359
Maltese Shih Tzu$1450 $830-246053
Maltipoo dog$2000 $1150-3825396
Manchester Terrier$1600 $1000-25006
Mastiff$1200 $600-2000273
Miniature American Shepherd dog$800 $450-15001102
Miniature Bull Terrier$2500 $1500-350023
Miniature Pinscher$700 $350-1215148
Miniature Schnauzer$950 $600-18001087
Neapolitan Mastiff dog$3500 $2500-450036
Newfoundland$1200 $600-2000325
Norfolk Terrier$3250 $2340-40008
Norwegian Elkhound dog$1000 $700-150027
Norwich Terrier$3500 $2000-480013
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever$2500 $1800-35008
Old English Sheepdog$1250 $950-2000180
Papillon$1000 $500-1900126
Parson Russell Terrier$1200 $450-200027
Peekapoo$1375 $900-231530
Pekingese dog$1800 $800-374557
Pembroke Welsh Corgi$1050 $750-18001221
Pointer$1000 $400-147516
Pitbull dog$1200 $600-20001083
Portuguese Water Dog$2200 $1500-2890132
Pug$1175 $600-1900609
Puggle$1000 $850-222063
Rat Terrier dog$700 $500-110055
Redbone Coonhound$600 $450-120025
Rhodesian Ridgeback$1250 $600-2000185
Silver German Shepherd$4000 $100-5000495
Saint Bernard$1000 $550-2000276
Saluki$2400 $1700-27006
Samoyed$1850 $1200-304043
Schipperke$850 $700-110020
Schnoodle$2000 $1230-269587
Scottish Terrier$1100 $600-1600101
Shetland Sheepdog dog$900 $500-1285274
Shiba Inu$1000 $650-1800315
Shih Tzu$850 $500-16001173
Siberian Husky$650 $400-12001485
Silky Terrier$1400 $900-200010
Smooth Fox Terrier$900 $500-150011
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier$1000 $900-1500133
Spinone Italiano dog$1750 $1000-20005
Staffordshire Bull Terrier$2000 $975-250038
Standard Poodle$1000 $600-20001447
Standard Schnauzer dog$2000 $900-260018
Tibetan Mastiff$2500 $1800-450053
Tibetan Spaniel$2000 $800-350029
Tibetan Terrier dog$2000 $1300-25007
Toy Fox Terrier$800 $500-150041
Treeing Walker Coonhound$650 $300-150019
Vizsla$1100 $500-1700200
Weimaraner dog$700 $500-1200324
Welsh Springer Spaniel$1900 $1800-20006
Welsh Terrier$1600 $950-300013
Westie dog$1000 $650-1700135
Whippet$1200 $850-150042
Wire Fox Terrier$1800 $1150-350012
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon dog$1200 $1000-154538
Xoloitzcuintli$2750 $800-400032
Yorkipoo$1600 $1135-2500177
Yorkshire Terrier dog$1200 $600-25001406

Similarly as with any informational index examination, the varieties with the most promotions discovered will give the most solid data. Canine cost of certain varieties being uncommon, and the information scant, we know that a portion of our outcomes could be tested, yet they are a portrayal of the information made at the hour of the examination.

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