How to Make Life Better for Stray Dogs?

How to Make Life Better for Stray Dogs?

Stray Dogs

What if you’re asked to spend a night outside on the road under an open sky? You’d be devastated! Strays do it every single day and every single night. Without shelter or food, they wander on the streets and eat from the trash. When this doesn’t feel enough to make their lives a living hell, some ill-hearted people decide to hit them, beat them and torture them until they cannot take it. Stray dogs spend a harrowing life with dozens of diseases, lack of food, and no one to pat them with love. The average life span of a dog is 10 to 15 years. However, a stray dog only lives for 3.5 to 4 years. They don’t even get to the age where they can be called old; instead, they die of infections, torture, injuries, accidents, starvation and poisonous foods. Many people pass by them on the streets every day and think about helping them but can’t figure out the way. If you really want to do something for a stray dog and make their life a little better, here are some ways to do your part.

Feed Them!

dog feed
The most basic requirement of a living being is food, and that’s the least you can do for them, if not anything else. Even if you have plans to do more for them, feed them first and if you only plan to provide them with food, be consistent with it. If you feed them for a few days and then quit, it will leave the dogs and puppies clueless about where to get the food from, as they would have already become dependent on you. Pick a spot away from the crowd or traffic to give them food and always give them water afterwards. You can also leave a bowl of water for them. Regarding food, please ensure that you stick to boiled food or meat for the animals. Avoid oily and spicy food as it can harm them, and never give sweet treats to the dogs, as the artificial sweeteners in them can elevate their blood pressure to a dangerous level. Some great food options include boiled rice, potatoes, and eggs; for older dogs, you can never go wrong with the meat.

Help the Wounded Ones!

Wounde dog
You must have seen many wounded dogs roaming around on the roads. Sometimes, it’s a road traffic accident, and other times, it’s the cruel mind of a human that leaves stray dogs injured and infected. If you ever come across such an animal, the best thing you can do is contact an animal shelter. The professionals there would know how to help the dog and treat it with proper medical care. Inform them about the actual state and injuries of the dog. The dog might be frightened because of the wounds and pain, so you must be extremely cautious while approaching it. Talk to them in a reassuring tone and move close to them without touching them. Observe their eyes, and DO NOT try to pet them if the eyes are wide open and the dog is growling. If the dog has a smiling appearance and has its head lowered, approach them slowly, pet them and then gently slip a leash around their neck. Wait until the help arrives and hand over the dog to the shelter owners.

Look for a Foster Home or Adoption!

Adoption dog
Animal shelters are great places where they treat dogs properly and consider them as living beings. However, these animals can thrive more than just well when they’re given one on one care and love. Here comes the role of foster homes where the dogs can live temporarily with someone who would love them and keep them as a family member until a permanent home can be found for them. A homely environment for the animal will lower its stress levels and give them a family to make healthy and loving bonds. There are multiple foster facilities and adoption centres available where families register themselves for either adopting a dog or taking care of them for a short period of time. Some of these centres are also listed on websites like TopVouchersCode where you can easily find other offers from the facility. If you are able to find a permanent home for a stray dog or adopt them yourself to give them a family for life, there can’t be a better thing you can do for a homeless animal!

Involve Your Community!

Involve Your Community dog
You might be doing your part in improving the lives of stray animals but imagine the level of impact if an entire community is involved. Get the people in the loop about stray dogs living and eating in garbage dumps and involve them in bringing about a much-needed change. You might get a bunch of volunteers as fosterers or even permanent families for the dogs in shelters. There’s so much you can do with human resource and people who actually care. Make your own team, do your research, rescue dogs, give them homes, acquire funding, build tiny homes for strays and do all that you can think of!

Report the Abuse!

Report the Abuse - Dog
People who find joy in hurting animals and torturing them, we would call them nothing but heinous! And, whenever you come across these kinds of monsters, report them at your earliest. You can raise your voice for the correct cause and save the lives of so many stray dogs and even pet dogs if their owners are abusing them. Report these abusers and make way for an improved life for these pure souls.
To sum up, stray dogs live in extreme conditions with the bare minimum to survive. It would just take a kind heart to help them access the basic necessities of life, including food, healthcare and love. To make an effort, you can get in touch with animal shelters and work with them to bring change. Even if you can feed a single dog, that would count. Besides, there are always resources available on the internet, such as DayBreakWeekly, to guide you through animal behaviour, needs and more. Join hands with more people like you in your community and work for this incredible cause!

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