Sable Long Haired German Shepherd – The Complete Breed Guide

Sable Long Haired German Shepherd – The Complete Breed Guide

Sable long haired German Shepherd

A genuine work of art, the Sable Long Haired German Shepherd is the most predominant coat shade, all things considered, yet what makes them so extraordinary?

Indeed, the Sable Long Haired German Shepherd is the solitary shading that fits the canine’s establishing part’s solid philosophy of a genuine Shepherd canine.

A variety fit to dynamic people, couples, or families, this canine is a huge and savvy, faithful, and adoring canine.

Here we will impart to you our total canine aide, from breed history and demeanor to doggies and exercise needs, you will actually want to comprehend if this variety is appropriate for you.

What Is A Sable German Shepherd?

Sable long haired German Shepherd

This smart and steadfast variety can be certified to Max von Stephanitz.

In 1899, Von Stephanitz met a canine named Hektor. Hypnotized and intrigued with Hektor, to such an extent, he embraced him changing his name to Horand von Grafrath.

Von Stephanitz established the General public for the Sable Long Haired German Shepherd canine, not long after and afterward began a rearing system.

Cautious choice of unquestionably the best pups was embraced by Von Stephanitz and his canine, Hektor fathered an aggregate of 84 little dogs.

Sable German Shepherd Facts Table
Size22 to 24 inches for females and 24 to 26 inches for males
Weight55 to 73lb for females and 75 to 95lb for males
Lifespan9 – 13 years
Breed TypeHerding Breed
PurposeWorking Dog
Suitable ForActive Individuals, Couples, And Families
ColorSable, Tan, Gold, Black, White, Liver, Blue, Parti, Panda Or A Mixture Of Any Two
TemperamentSelf-Assured, Loving, Loyal, Protective, And Intelligent
OtherAlsatian, Berger Allemand and Deutscher Schäferhund

Sable Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy

Sable long haired German Shepherd puppy

As doggies, their ears hang down close to their head, anyway as they develop, their ears become erect.

They additionally will in general develop into both their head and feet.

By and large, the litter size is around 8 young doggies yet may go somewhere in the range of 5 to 9.

The best Sable German Shepherd doggies generally cost between $800 to $1,500 USD. This is subject to bloodline, family and raiser.

Know your reproducer, an accomplished and affirmed raiser will furnish new proprietors with hip scores, and parental history (for example family).

You ought to likewise find out about your pup’s disposition by meeting the two guardians (yet as a base the dam).

Sable Long Haired German Shepherd Temperament

Sable long haired German Shepherd

Their personality is patient and they react well to their proprietor as they are confident and amazingly certain, making them magnificent working canines.

Their prey drive is very high, be that as it may, whenever mingled appropriately and since the beginning then there will not be any issues in taking out any prey drive issues.

When you come out as comfortable with this variety then you will see exactly how adoring and large hearted they are.

They can make brilliant watchman canines, offering assurance for their proprietors. This joined with their high teachability, is the thing that makes them so attractive for work inside the military and police power.

Being one of the more shrewd canines, the Sable German Shepherd is more than equipped for recognizing compromising and non-undermining circumstances.

Be that as it may, like Russian Bear canines, they might be careful about outsiders and subsequently legitimate presentations might be important.

The Sable German Shepherd was reared for working, anyway their character is very well natured.

Like all Shepherds, they can be portrayed as steadfast, cherishing, dynamic and dedicated. Their eagerness to buckle down implies they normally have a solid nature to satisfy their proprietors.

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Compatibility with Families

Initially reared for their knowledge and working capacity, current Sable German Shepherds have wandered from this sole reason and are presently reproduced to be a phenomenal and tamed relative.

They make an incredible expansion as a hidden part to any home because of their teachability, adoring character, and devotion.

The Sable German Shepherd coexists broadly with youngsters. They can be thoughtful, delicate and lively when they should be.

Whenever presented and associated at an early age, then, at that point they can likewise coexist well with felines and different creatures.

In general, they have a magnificent demeanor towards everybody (with the exception of gatecrashers) and can adjust to any way of life. They love climbing, sea shores and surprisingly straightforward canine park trips.

Sable Long Haired German Shepherd Size & Appearance

Delegated an enormous canine variety, a male Sable German Shepherd weighs between 75 to 95 pounds, where the female is marginally lighter at 55 to 73 pounds.

The male likewise stands taller, at a tallness of 24 to 26 inches contrasted with the female at 22 to 24 inches.


With a solid, strong and athletic form, their appearance is blended in with a sable hued coat.

Their body line reflects a S shape where the top portion of their body is taller than their back as they are longer than they are tall.

The Sable German Shepherd has a long gag with a dark nose and a solid facial structure.

They have erect ears which sit on top of their hard skull.

Their eyes are generally dim brown. In any case, at times the White German Shepherd has captivating blue eyes.

Truly, they are an exceptionally solid variety, whose appearance has not wandered a long way from their wolf precursors.


This canine can arrive in an assortment of tones which include:

  • Sable
  • Tan
  • Dark
  • White
  • Parti
  • Panda
  • Blue
  • Liver
  • Gold

They generally have a dark veil around their eyes, similar to Zorro (which ends up making an extraordinary German Shepherd name)!

This dark veil comprises of dark hide which is likewise found in a seat design on their back. These markings are not found on the dark shading varieties.


The Sable German Shepherd is perceived as having two diverse coat variations: medium and long.

Their jacket will be coarse and generally straight.

Also, they have a twofold coat, it is this twofold coat that permits the canine to adjust well as a functioning canine in various climate conditions.

The medium coat quality is prevailing, while the long coat quality is latent.

A German Shepherd with a medium coat is the lone coat that is acknowledged by the variety standard. In any case, this doesn’t imply that since quite a while ago covered German Shepherds are not reproduced, they basically can’t contend!

Sable Long Haired German Shepherd Grooming

Sable long haired German Shepherd grooming

This current canine’s jacket will shed as often as possible. Indeed, they shed as per the evolving seasons. You can expect a ton of sable hide around your home approaching the hotter months as your pup shed’s their colder time of year coat in anticipation of summer.

Preparing during these months might be simpler at the neighborhood custodians. They will in a real sense pass over superfluous hide.

Attempt to acclimate your doggy to the blow dryer at an early age if conceivable.

When you get a doggy, you can hope to vacuum somewhat more than expected.

Washing your German Shepherd ought to possibly be done when essential. For instance; in the event that they choose it’s a smart thought to sprinkle around in mud, or roll in their companion’s discharges.

Nonetheless, superfluous washing can bother your pup’s skin as you will strip their hide of its normal oils.

Brushing your canine’s teeth is similarly significant. Bones are a decent method of stripping their teeth of undesirable plaque.

Sable Long Haired German Shepherd Dog Care Guide

Sable long haired German Shepherd


Known for being a wise, dynamic and athletic variety, they are not difficult to prepare yet at the same time require high measures of activity each day.

This is a variety who is appropriate for dynamic people, couples and families, however because of their high physical and mental prerequisites, they are not reasonable for the older.

Food and Dietary Requirements

The Sable German Shepherd requires a top notch diet which is wealthy in protein. This is an athletic and working variety so their eating regimen needs to furnish them with the fundamental energy.

A well known alternative for this canine is a crude meat based eating routine.

In any case, some crude based eating regimens don’t give the canine their fundamental nutrients and minerals and thusly supplementation and dietary interview with a veterinarian is basic.

Assuming you pick a wet or dry kibbled diet, guarantee that these eating regimens are as per AAFCO guidelines.

As a doggy, you should take care of your pooch a few times each day. Notwithstanding, as they develop and become grown-ups two suppers daily is fine.

Sable Long Haired German Shepherd Training

Sable long haired German Shepherd training

The significance of legitimate socialization can’t be underscored enough. The Sable German Shepherd requires predictable and early socialization with various conditions, individuals, and creatures.

It shocks no one that the Sable German Shepherd breed is not difficult to prepare.

This is a variety that is known for its functioning capacities and knowledge.

Uplifting feedback techniques are the current best quality level for preparing canines. The utilization of remunerations (toys or food) joined with acclaim, is the best preparation technique.

Truth be told, police canine mentors use toys as the standard type of remuneration for all German Shepherd doggy encouraging feedback Training.

Since the Sable German Shepherd is an insightful and inquisitive canine variety, mental incitement is a need.

This should be possible through partner your canine with changing and various conditions.

Games are likewise an extraordinary method to intellectually animate your Shepherd.

This variety excels on games like get, back-and-forth, and find the stowaway! They have a sharp nose so concealing treats and toys is additionally a good thought

Health Problems

The Sable German Shepherd is hereditarily inclined to health issues which might have been the aftereffect of inbreeding during the beginning of this varieties arrangement.

One normal health issue for the German Shepherd breed is hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is a sickness where there is sick arrangement of the joint of the hip’s ball and attachment.

Since hip dysplasia is an acquired condition – there is just such a lot of which should be possible to keep away from this sickness.

In any case, your pup’s current circumstance might decline or accelerate the improvement of the illness.



The Sable German Shepherd is a classic dog breed and is a color variation that has stayed very close to the original breed.

This breed is known for being confident, protective, intelligent, loving, and loyal – making it the perfect companion for anyone who is active and willing to give their time to this canine.

Caring towards children, an active running partner, and a very loyal sidekick, there is hardly anything bad to say about this breed as long as they are trained and socialized properly.

If you have time for them, then they will have time for you.

Some Famous German Shepherd:

  • Black sable long coat

  • Red sable normal coat (left) & traditional black and tan normal coat (right).

  • Solid black long coat German Shepherd

  • Jade’s black sable long coat German Shepherd puppy.

  • Dark black/red long coat (left) & black sable normal coat (right).

  • Dark black/red long coat German Shepherd puppy.

  • Dark red sable long coat German Shepherd.

  • Dark black/tan normal coat

  • Dark black/red long coat.

  • Black sable long coat.

  • Black sable normal coat.

  • Bi-Color normal coat.

  • Bi-color normal coat.

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